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How to set up iBooks iPhone 5


iBooks is a great way to read and buy books. Download the free iBooks app from the App Store, 

and then enjoy everything from classics to bestsellers.


iBooks iPhone 5


iBooks is a great way to enjoy books and PDFs. Download the free iBooks app from the 

App Store, and then get everything from classics to bestsellers from the built-in iBookstore.  

To download the iBooks app and use the iBookstore, you need an Internet connection and  

an Apple ID.

Visit the iBookstore:   In iBooks, tap Store to:

  • Find books by browsing or searching

  • Get a sample of a book to see if you like it

  • Read and write reviews, and see current bestsellers

  • Tell a friend about a book via email

Purchase a book:  Find one you want, tap the price, then tap again to get it.

Get information about a book:   You can read a summary of the book, read reviews, and try a 

sample of the book before buying it. After buying a book, you can write a review of your own.

Download a previous purchase:   Tap Purchased. To download while browsing, tap Download 

where you usually see the price. You won’t be charged again. To automatically download items

purchased on other devices, go to Settings > iTunes & App Stores.


Reading books

Reading a book is easy. Go to the bookshelf and tap the book you want to read. Each book has 

a particular set of features, based on its contents and format. Some of the features described 

below might not be available in the book you’re reading.

Open a book:  Tap the book you want to read. If you don’t see it on the shelf, swipe left or right 

to see other collections.

  • Show the controls:  Tap near the center of the page.

  • Enlarge an image:  Double-tap the image. In some books, touch and hold to display a 

magnifying glass you can use to view an image.

Go to a speciic page:  Use the page navigation controls at the bottom of the screen. Or, tap 


Look up a word:  Double-tap a word, use the grab points to adjust the selection, then tap 

Deine in the menu that appears. Deinitions are not available for all languages.


View the table of contents:  Tap 


Add or remove a bookmark:  Tap 

a bookmark when you close the book, because iBooks remembers where you left of. You can 

have multiple bookmarks—to see them all, tap 


Annotate a book:  You can add notes and highlights to a book.

  • Add a highlight:  Double-tap a word, use the grab points to adjust the selection, then tap 

Highlight and choose a color or underline. 


Remove a highlight:  Tap the highlighted text, then tap 


Add a note:  Double-tap a word, tap Highlight, then choose 

  • Remove a note:  Delete its text. To remove the note and its highlight, tap the highlighted text, 

then tap 


See all your notes:  Tap 


Change a book’s appearance:   Some books let you change the type size, font, and page color.

  • Change the font or type size:  Tap near the center of a page to display the controls, then tap  

Tap Fonts to select a typeface. Some books allow you to change the type size only when 

iPhone is in portrait orientation. 

  • Change the color of the page and text:  Tap near the center of the page to display the controls, 


  • Change the brightness:  Tap near the center of a page to display the controls, then tap 

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Turn justiication and hyphenation on or of:  Go to Settings > iBooks. PDFs and some books 

can’t be justiied or hyphenated.





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