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How to set up camera iPhone 5


At a glanceTo quickly open Camera when iPhone is locked, swipe


Camera iPhone 5


With iPhone, you can take both still photos and videos. In addition to the iSight camera on the back, there’s a FaceTime camera on the front for FaceTime calls and self-portraits. An LED flash on the back gives you extra light when you need it.


FaceTime camera


A rectangle briefly appears where the camera is focused and setting the exposure. When you photograph people with iPhone 4S or later, iPhone uses face detection to automatically focus on and balance the exposure across up to 10 faces. A rectangle appears for each face detected.Take a photo:   Tap Zoom in or out: Pinch the screen (iSight camera only).


Take a panorama photo (iPhone 4S or later):   Tap Options, then tap Panorama. Point iPhone where you want to start, then tap  Reverse the panning direction: Tap the arrow.Record a video:   Switch to  Capture a still photo while recording: Tap When you take a photo or start a video recording, iPhone makes a shutter sound. You can control the volume with the volume buttons, or mute the sound using the Ring/Silent switch.Note:  In some countries, muting iPhone does not prevent the shutter sound.If Location Services is turned on, photos and videos are tagged with location data that can be used by other apps and photo-sharing websites.


Set the focus and exposure:  Set the focus and exposure for the next shot: Tap the object on the screen. Face detection is temporarily turned off. Lock the focus and exposure: Touch and hold the screen until the rectangle pulses. AE/AF Lock is displayed at the bottom of the screen, and the focus and exposure remain locked until you tap the screen again.Take a screenshot:   Press and release the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button 




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