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How to Send and receive messages iPhone 5



Messages lets you exchange text messages with other SMS and MMS devices via your cellular connection, and with other iOS devices using iMessage.iMessage is an Apple service that lets you send unlimited messages over Wi-Fi (as well as cellular connections) to other iOS and OS X Mountain Lion users. With iMessage, you can see when other people are typing, and let them know when you’ve read their messages. iMessages are displayed on all of your iOS devices logged in to the same account, so you can start a conversation on one of your devices, and continue it on another device. iMessages are encrypted for security.


Start a text conversation


Start a text conversation:   Tap


An alert badge Resume a conversation:   Tap the conversation in the Messages list.


Use picture characters:   Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard, then tap Emoji to make that keyboard available. Then while typing a message, tap See a person’s contact info:   Scroll to the top (tap the status bar) to see actions you can perform, such as making a FaceTime call.See earlier messages in the conversation:   Scroll to the top (tap the status bar). Tap Load Earlier Messages if needed.Send messages to a group (iMessage and MMS):   Tap 



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