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How to rearrange apps iPhone 5


Customize your Home screen by rearranging apps, moving apps to the Dock along the bottomof the screen, and creating additional Home screens.Rearrange apps: Touch and hold any app on the Home screen until it jiggles, then move appsaround by dragging them. Press the Home button 


Rearranging apps


Create a new Home screen: While arranging apps, drag an app to the right edge of therightmost screen, until a new screen appears.You can create up to 11 Home screens. The dots above the Dock show the number of screensyou have, and which screen you’re viewing.Swipe left or right to switch between screens. To go to the first Home screen, press theHome button Move an app to another screen: While it’s jiggling, drag an app to the side of the screen.Customize the Home screen using iTunes: Connect iPhone to your computer. In iTunes onyour computer, select iPhone, then click the Apps button to see the image of the iPhoneHome screen.Reset the Home screen to its original layout: In Settings, go to General > Reset, then tap ResetHome Screen Layout. Resetting the Home screen removes any folders you’ve created and appliesthe default wallpaper to your Home screen.




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