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How to organize the bookshelf iPhone 5


Use the bookshelf to browse your books and PDFs. You can also organize items into collections.


Organizing the bookshelf iPhone 5

Move a book or PDF to a collection:   Tap Edit. Select the items you want to move, then tap Move 

and select a collection.

View and manage collections:   Tap the name of the current collection at the top of the screen, 

such as Books or PDFs, to display the collections list. You can’t edit or remove the built-in Books 

and PDFs collections.


Sort the bookshelf:  Tap the status bar to scroll to the top of the screen, then tap 

sort method at the bottom of the screen


Delete an item from the bookshelf:   Tap Edit, then tap each item that you want to delete, so 

that a checkmark appears. Tap Delete. When you inish, tap Done. If you delete an item you 

purchased, you can download it again from Purchases in the iBookstore.

Search for a book:  Go to the bookshelf. Tap the status bar to scroll to the top of the screen, then 



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