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How to make calls iPhone 5



Making a call on iPhone is as simple as tapping a name or number in your contacts, using Sirito say “call Bob” (iPhone 4S or later), tapping one of your favorites, or tapping a recent call toreturn it.


Making calls iPhone 5


Buttons at the bottom of the Phone screen give you quick access to your favorites, recent calls,your contacts, and a numeric keypad for dialing manually.


Manually dial a number: Tap Keypad, enter the number, then tap Call. Paste a number to the keypad: Tap the screen above the keyboard, then tap Paste. Enter a soft (2-second) pause: Touch the “*” key until a comma appears. Enter a hard pause (to pause dialing until you tap the Dial button): Touch the “#” key until asemicolon appears. Redial the last number: Tap Keypad, tap Call to display the number, then tap Call again.Add a contact to Favorites: In Contacts, tap “Add to Favorites” at the bottom of a contact card. Todelete or rearrange your favorites list, tap Edit.Use Siri or Voice Control: Press and hold the Home button or number. You can add at home, work, or mobile.


For best results, speak the full name of the person you’re calling. When voice dialing a number,speak each digit separately—for example, four one five, five five five, one two one two. For the 800area code in the U.S., you can say eight hundred.


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