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How to enter text iPhone 5



Use the onscreen keyboard to enter text, such as contact information, mail, and web addresses.Depending on the app and the language you’re using, the keyboard may correct misspellings,predict what you’re typing, and even learn as you use it.You can also use an Apple Wireless Keyboard to type. To use dictation instead of typing.Enter text: Tap a text field to bring up the keyboard, then tap keys on the keyboard.As you type, each letter appears above your thumb or finger. If you touch the wrong key, youcan slide your finger to the correct key. The letter isn’t entered until you release your finger fromthe key.


Enter text


Type uppercase: Tap the Shift key then slide to a letter. Quickly type a period and space: Double-tap the space bar. Turn on caps lock: Double-tap the Shift key  Enter numbers, punctuation, or symbols: Tap the Number key and symbols, tap the Symbol key  Enter accented letters or other alternate characters: Touch and hold a key, then slide to chooseone of the options.


Set options for typing


Set options for typing: Go to Settings > General > Keyboard.




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