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Publishing on the Yahoo! Contributor Network allows you to not only share your voice with an online audience of millions, but to earn money while doing it! We work exclusively with PayPal, so if you don't already have an account, create one now! A basic (free) account is all you'll need to start earning with the Yahoo! Contributor Network.

There are four ways to earn: assignments, up-front offers, Performance Payments and distribution. Read on to learn more about each opportunity.


At any time, you can browse our Assignment Desk and claim opportunities to create content for one or more Yahoo! sites, or one of our partner sites. Many assignments offer Up-front Payments, typically ranging from $2 to $25 (although some partner opportunities may pay up to $100), Sometimes, assignments will be targeted specifically to you or a group of contributors; in these cases, you'll receive an email alert if you have enabled that option in your email preferences. Be sure to check the Assignment Desk often and keep your profile information up-to-date to maximize your opportunities!


If you don't find a topic that interests you in our Assignment Desk, you can always submit content on a topic of your choice. Some of what you submit will be eligible for Up-front Payments. When you select this option, we'll review your submitted content and may send you an offer before we publish it. Offers typically range from $2 to $15. Be sure to read our Up-front Payment guidelines before choosing this option, and please note that the review process could take up to 10 business days to complete.


In addition to any up-front payment, your published content is also eligible for unlimited monthly Performance Payments based on the amount of traffic it receives! Performance Payments were initially created for Yahoo! Voices, but we're gradually rolling them out to other sites across the Yahoo! network. If you have content on more than one of the Yahoo! sites that offer Performance Payments, you'll earn a separate payment for each!

Performance rates vary by website, and are based on a wide variety of factors unique to each individual site. Click here to find out which Yahoo! sites are currently offering Performance Payments, and what the current rates are.

A note on republication: All content submitted into the Yahoo! Contributor Network may be published on more than one Yahoo! website. When content published on one Yahoo! site is "republished" to one or more additional Yahoo! site(s) for which Performance Payments are enabled, you'll earn revenue for each version of your content at the pay rate tied to each respective site!

Our top contributors earn hundreds (in some cases, thousands!) of dollars per month in Performance Payments. With practice and dedication, so can you!


During the submission process, you have an option to control whether your content can be distributed to third party sites. When content is chosen for distribution to these sites, you will receive a flat distribution bonus.


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