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How to correct Siri iPhone 5



If Siri is having troubleSiri may sometimes have trouble understanding you—in a noisy environment, for example. If you speak with an accent, it can take Siri some time to get used to your voice. If Siri doesn’t hear you exactly right, you can make corrections.Siri shows what it heard you say, along with its response.Correct what Siri hears you say: Tap the bubble showing what Siri heard you say. Edit your request by typing, or tap If some of the text is underlined in blue, tap it and Siri suggests some alternatives. Tap one of the suggestions, or replace the text by typing or dictating.Correct Siri by voice: Tap When correcting Siri, don’t say what you don’t want—just tell Siri what you do want.Correct a mail or text message: If Siri asks if you want to send the message, say something like: Change it to: Call me tomorrow. Add: See you there question mark. No, send it to Bob. No. (to keep the message without sending it) Cancel.To have Siri read the message to you, say “Read it back to me” or “Read me the message.” If it’s correct, say something like “Yes, send it.”Noisy environmentsIn a noisy environment, hold iPhone close to your mouth, but don’t talk directly into the bottom edge. Continue to speak clearly and naturally. Tap You can also try holding iPhone to your ear to speak to Siri.Network connectionSiri might tell you it’s having trouble connecting to the network. Because Siri relies on Apple servers for voice recognition and other services, you need to have a good 3G, 4G, or LTE cellular connection or a Wi-Fi connection to the Internet.


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