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Going Online with Internet Explorer 10 WINDOWS 8



Internet Explorer is Microsoft’s web browser. You use a browser

to navigate around the Internet, the worldwide network of

computers that contains the content that makes up the World

Wide Web. In addition to helping you move among websites and

display web content, a browser helps you to stay organized by

displaying several open websites on tabs and helping you to find

specific content on pages.

Windows 8 includes a tile on the Start screen for Internet

Explorer 10. IE 10, as it’s often called, is optimized for the Windows

8 interface, including the ability to use it with a touchscreen

computing device. The main paradigm for Windows 8 and

Internet Explorer 10 is to show as much content as possible on

the screen at any time, rather than cluttering up the screen with

toolbars and menus. The browser is easy to navigate and simple

to use, after you get the hang of it.

In this section, you discover the various features of Internet

Explorer 10 and get an overview of the Internet Explorer 10

browser that appears if you open it from the Windows 8 desktop.

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