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Getting started HTC One V

The first time you open HTC Sync Manager, the Getting Started window opens, allowing you to add media to your library.

1. Open the HTC Sync Manager.

2. When you see the Getting Started window, you can choose to:

Automatically create Automatically search for all music, photos, and videos media library on your computer and add them to your HTC Sync

Manager library.

Manually create media Choose folders to import media files from. You can library also inport media files and playlists from other media


3. If you chose to manually create your media library:

■ Click Music library > Add to choose a folder to import music files from.

■ Click Gallery library > Add to choose a folder to import photos and videos from.

You can add multiple folders.

The HTC Sync Manager main screen

From the main screen, you can see your media libraries and play your media. You can also sync with HTC One V when it's connected, or import music from a CD in your computer.

■ Click Music or Gallery to switch between these two libraries. While you're in one of these libraries, click < to return to the previous screen

■ Play a music track or video. Use the controls at the bottom center of the screen to control the playback.

■ ClickGetting started HTC One VTo change settings, check for software updates, and more

■ ClickGetting started HTC One VTo see a list of connected devices


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