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Getting Directions WINDOWS 8



Looking at a map of a location can be helpful, but finding a

route from one place to another is one of the major uses of a

mapping program. By entering a start point and end point, the

Maps app can calculate the route, tell you the total miles and

time it will take to make the trip, and give you step-by-step



Get Directions

1 With the Maps app open, right-click

and then click Directions.

2 Click in the A field, and type a starting

address or location.

3 Click in the B field, and type an

ending address or location.

4 Click the Get Directions arrow.

5 To display the route on the map, click

any segment in the directions.


Getting Directions WINDOWS 8


To remove the route and clear the To and

From fields, right-click to display the toolbar

and then click the Clear Map button.


To reverse the directions and switch the

To and From locations, click the Direction

arrows to the right of the first field. This is

handy because on your return trip you might

find that the directions differ slightly due to

one-way roads or other routing anomalies


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