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    The main event of the week game (and the beginning of the year in general) was, of course, the announcement of the next-generation console, Sony PlayStation 4 - not surprising, therefore, that the majority of the playing video, which appeared on the Web in recent days were devoted to the declaration instead of a console project. They can be seen in our material, "Games for PlayStation 4 ..." , so now we will not repeat it, and let's see what else we are pleased last week but pompous announcement of Destiny, the new game from the creators of Halo.

    Final Fantasy X HD for PS Vita

    At one time, for one of the games people bought their PlayStation 2 - perhaps, Sony hopes that after years of HD-remake will do the same trick with the PS Vita? Very unlikely, of course, but if this console is not enough good recent games, then let it be though a remake of one of the best jRPG past.


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