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Finding Music to Buy WINDOWS 8



You can use the Windows 8 Search feature to find music, but

you can also use tools in the Music app itself to find music that

interests you in the Marketplace. A variety of sorting criteria

helps you to locate the type of music you like or a particular



Locate Music

1 On the Start screen, click the Music


2 Click a category name such as Xbox

Music Store or Most Popular.


Finding Music to Buy WINDOWS 8


3 On the All Genres list, click a genre.

4 When you find a selection you like,

click and drag the scroll bar up or



Finding Music to Buy WINDOWS 8


5 Click the selection.

6 Click outside the selection to close it.


If you know the name of the song or album you want to buy,

using the Windows 8 Search feature is probably a quicker way

to find the selection you seek.

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