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File Management WINDOWS 8



You accomplish both work and play on a computer by using

computer files. For example, those files might hold the software

applications you work with, the documents you create in a

word processor or spreadsheet, a game, or your favorite song or


Windows 8 organizes your files into folders and libraries.

There are several pre-defined libraries such as Pictures and

Documents, but you can add others. Within these libraries are

folders containing individual files.

You use the File Explorer app to perform the following tasks:

• Find files you’ve saved on your computer or on an external

storage device such as a USB stick.

• Create new folders and move or copy files among them.

• Delete files you no longer need.

• Back up files in a file history or on an external storage

device so that you have an extra copy for safekeeping.

• Create compressed versions of files that are smaller and

easier to store and send to others.


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