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Extracting Files from a Compressed File WINDOWS 8



When you want to use the individual files in a

compressed file, you can extract them back to

their original, uncompressed state. When you

extract files, Windows offers to create a new

subfolder for the uncompressed file in the same

folder where the compressed file is stored.


Extract Compressed Files

1 Locate a compressed file by using File


2 Click the file.

3 Click the Extract tab.


Extracting Files from a Compressed File WINDOWS 8


4 Click the Extract All button.

5 If you want to extract the files to a folder

other than the one suggested, click the

Browse button and locate the folder.

6 Click Extract


You can add files to a compressed file by simply dragging each

file onto the compressed file in File Explorer.


Some file formats, such as JPEG, have already been compressed.

If you place several of these files into a compressed

file, be aware that you won’t save that much space.


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