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Exploring the other Apps Windows 8

There are many other apps on the Start screen besides Photos, Music, Video, and Maps, but they all open similarly, most offer right-click options or upward swipe options, you can scroll and touch when there's more data than will fit on the screen, and you can often click screen elements to cause something to happen or a new app page to open. In this section, you'll learn a little about those other apps and where to learn more about them in this book.

Exploring the other Apps Windows 8

ADditional apps available from the Home screen include:

^ mail To set up, obtain, and manage email. You'll learn about the Mail app in Chapter 7, "Using the Social Apps."

^ people To access information about your contacts. Here, you link the app to your Microsoft account, Facebook, Twitter, and others. This enables you to see what your contacts are up to from a single app. You'll learn about the People app in Chapter 7.

Exploring the other Apps Windows 8

^ messaging To send messages to others by using the Internet.

Exploring the other Apps Windows 8

^ wEATHER To obtain up-to-date weather information from your current location and other locations you configure.

NEwS To get the latest news from Msnbc. com. News is an easy app to use; just scroll through the headlines and click to read more.

Desktop To open the desktop from which you run desktop apps such as Paint and use system tools such as Control Panel.

Calendar To access your calendar, on which you can input appointments, events, birthdays, and other data. As with other apps, you can click to change the view, input information, and more.

Exploring the other Apps Windows 8

TRAvEL To open Bing Travel, where you can view featured destinations and panoraВ­mas, read articles, and more.

SpoRTS To open Bing Sports, where you can read top sports stories, sports news, schedules, and more.

GAMES To access, manage, and view your games and game activity. You can also access the marketplace, where you can purchase new games. If you have an Xbox and have configured an avatar, you'll see it here. You'll learn about games in Chapter 10, "Playing Games."

Exploring the other Apps Windows 8

Internet explorer To access the Internet by using Internet Explorer. You'll learn about this app in Chapter 5, "Using Internet Explorer 10."

FINANCE To follow stock prices and access stock report information. You can personВ­alize this app with your own information or just browse the latest financial news.

SToRE To access the Windows store, where you can get apps (classified in many catВ­egories, including Travel, Productivity, Games, and the like), obtain music and video, access books and reference materials, and more. You'll learn about the store in various chapters, including Chapter 8, "Shopping in the Windows Store."

Exploring the other Apps Windows 8

SKYDRIve To access your personal SkyDrive folders, where you can store picВ­tures, documents, music, and other data on Internet servers. You can then access your SkyDrive data from anywhere. You'll learn about SkyDrive in Chapter 6, "Using SkyDrive."

Exploring the other Apps Windows 8

CAMERA To access the camera available on your computer as applicable and to view camera options. You'll use your camera, if you have one, to hold video chats.

BING To access the Bing search engine. This is an easy way to find something on the web quickly.

Tip There are other apps available from the All apps screen, including Reader and apps you've obtained from the Store.


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