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Exploring Internet Explorer 10 WINDOWS 8




In Internet Explorer 10, one big difference from previous versions

of Internet Explorer is that there are no tools on the

screen until you display them. For example, you have to display

the address bar to use it. The address bar is a stalwart of

browsers. You use this field to enter a website address, such as

www.microsoft.com, to go to that page. However, starting with

Internet Explorer 9, that field has a dual purpose. You can still

enter a URL, but you can also use the field to search the web

for content and sites.




Open Internet Explorer 10

1 Press the Windows logo key on your


2 Click the Internet Explorer tile.



Exploring Internet Explorer 10 WINDOWS 8


If you open Internet Explorer from the Start screen you go to

a different version of Internet Explorer than you do if you click

the IE button on the desktop taskbar.




Use the Address Bar

1 With Internet Explorer 10 open,

on the Start screen, right-click the


2 Click the address bar, and begin to

type a URL, such as www.bing.com


3 Press Enter to go to the addres



Exploring Internet Explorer 10 WINDOWS 8



Although there are still some exceptions, accessing most websites

by using your browser no longer requires that you type the http://

or www before their names, so in the examples here, you can simply

type bing.com or amazon.com in the address bar.


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