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Exploring Games WINDOWS 8



On the Start screen, you will find a Games tile. This takes you to xBox

Games, which includes some spotlighted games and access to the

xBox 360 Games Store and the Windows Games Store. You can play

standalone games or play with others online. In Games, you can set

up a game avatar and profile to use with game apps, as well as view

your achievements and gaming friends. In this task, you set up your

Avatar and Profile in the Games app. Once that’s done, download a

game and try your hand at it.


Setting Up Your Avatar and Profile

1 On the Start screen, click the Games tile.

2 Scroll to the left to display the Avatar


3 Click Create Avatar.

4 Click to select an avatar to use.

5 Click to adjust the shape of the avatar.


Exploring Games WINDOWS 8


6 Click Save; note you can customize the

avatar at any time by clicking Customize

Avatar and changing settings for

clothing, jewelry, shoes, and so on.


Exploring Games WINDOWS 8


7 Click Edit Profile.

8 Enter your name, motto, location, and


9 Click Save


When creating your profile, to protect your privacy,

don’t share too much information. Don’t

make your location too specific (for example, by

giving your address); just give a state or region.

Don’t reveal many personal details in your bio.


If you’ve used previous versions of Windows that

included several games, such as Minesweeper or Hearts,

those game are not available in Windows 8.


If you download additional games, you can pin them to the Start

screen so that you have quick access to them. First download the

games, and then on the Start screen, type the app name. Right-click

the app and then click Pin To Start on the toolbar that appear


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