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Evaluation part 1

    Cute picture, low price, an interesting mix of genres

    Errors in the design, bugs, not the best interface

    A candidate for the purchase of Christmas sales on Steam, but not more

    The first few minutes on each card are the same as in Groundhog Day. First is to open the incubator. Then the kitchen - small work counts in a few punches dig the room and put it in the center of the cauldron with human bones. You can then call from the "hospital" several armed imps and went to fight with the skeletons in the neighborhood.

    A few minutes later they come back with the experience and production - it's time to add to your dungeon prison, fitness room and a smithy. The latter plays an important role. In your basement is already stolen from the surface of the characters that are being dragged along the swords and bad intentions, and to cope with them in a forgery can order an assortment of traps. Available pools of acid, traps and stakes.

    Heroes are bursting like an alarm clock every five minutes. First, they try to pull the ladder in the corridors, and if they manage to break the implants, shot through the front door. Immediately starts a dump. People kill workers and breaking furniture. Well, at least, the force of imps you can teleport to them for a couple of seconds. Vanquished heroes can be thrown in jail, later to pay the ransom. Cynics happily hand over the victims to beat the gym.

    Evaluation part 1

    Between visits bothersome, you can send the little demons to the surface. Horned platoon runs into the kingdom and bring back a chest of gold, or building materials. Impire expects such campaigns automatically. In them the easiest way to obtain resources, which never have enough underground.

    If the text of the game seems familiar to you, nothing special. In the first few minutes it is so similar to Dungeon Keeper, which provokes a deja vu. But at that moment, when you believe that looking at the ordinary clone, Impire wake up bryaknet screen new job and becomes a completely different game.

    Evaluation part 1

    It turns out that next to your vault on each card there is always another one, it can be a cellar king and city sewer. Work there other rules, for example, is forbidden to build, and the corridors are filled monsters. Impire hides inside these labyrinths main objectives and has cleaned them, as in role play.

    Around these moments it becomes apparent why platoons imps came so small - four soldiers. They are not intended by the authors as the Department of the Army, as well as the traditional role-playing groups and collect them is like a group in any MMO. "Tank", "doctor", a pair of powerful warriors. Similarity and adds that each "hero" can pump armor and weapons.

    In trouble with them is a big part of the game. Each time, to get to a nearby labyrinth, I sticks there for an hour. My demons were worn by completing quests, hunting bosses. Returning to their cave only had to feed the imps in the dining room, and even fight off the regular characters of suicide.

    Published in his own charming. Not least because the authors were able to pull Impire cartoon charm Dungeon Keeper in high resolution, and the life of imps to watch. You can see dozens of funny details: demons waddling gallop through the corridors, banging jailer runs on a grid with a truncheon, a farmer with care watering giant mushrooms. A role-part adds to the mix addictiveness. Starting one level, Impire difficult to close.

    Evaluation part 1

    But despite this, it can not advise.

    First, it is inexcusable counter-intuitive. I did not realize that the cave must be "clean" as in role-playing, and trying to pass as if the strategy, throwing enemies "cannon fodder». Impire balanced so that no platoon implants do not last long, so the first couple of hours of game seemed I terribly boring and complicated. Is there other stuff, which only guess with practice. To figure out exactly how to play, you will likely need some time.

    Evaluation part 1

    Second, the interface is hideous. It's best to manage a dungeon, with his camera up - on the screen will have additional buttons, and platoons become icons. But so great picture becomes dull game plan, and will get in the way, blocking each other.

    Finally, Impire released with a bunch of errors are not caught, and the audience already in full on the forums complaining about Steam. The game drops, multiplayer is buggy.

    Overall Impire It is interesting stuff, but it's better to wait for the patch, or the sale of Steam.


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