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Enable Big Picture

Mode in Steam VALVE HAS RELEASED Steam Big Picture Mode, a revamped, console-style user interface designed for using Steam on your TV, from the comfort of your couch. If you use Steam on an HTPC or a living room gaming PC, you should try it out right away. The only problem is that Big Picture Mode is currently in open beta testing, and finding out how to opt into the beta can be tricky. Detailed below are steps to help you get Steam's new Big Picture Mode running smoothly on your big-screen TV. - JIMMY THANG OPT IN The first thing you'll want to do upon booting Steam is click the Steam drop-down menu at the upper left and then select Settings. A menu will pop up. From here, under the Beta Participation section, click the Change button. Another pop-up menu will appear; select Steam Beta Update from the drop-down menu (image G). Steam will then ask you to restart the program. Do so. Steam will take a couple of seconds to update. Enable Big Picture


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