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Editing Contact Information WINDOWS 8



We all move, change jobs, and even

change our phone numbers now and then.

After you enter a contact, you might want

to add more details or change information.

For example, you might want to enter a

new phone number or email address. You

can easily make such changes and save



Edit Contact Details

1 On the Start screen, click the People

app tile.

2 Click a contact name.

3 Right-click.

4 Click Edit.


Editing Contact Information WINDOWS 8


5 Click a field.

6 Edit the entry or replace it with new


7 Click in an empty field, and add new


8 Click Save


Editing Contact Information WINDOWS 8


If you have entered an address for your contact, you can use the Maps app to

map that address. When you open the contact information, just click Map and the

location is displayed in Bing Maps. This feature requires that you have an Internet



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