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Drive Club

    What is the next generation console launch without race. PlayStation 4 to be so avtoproektom Drive Club of Evolution Studios (WRC, MotorStorm). Developers have told us for a long time the simulation of each carbon fiber in the vehicle chassis, every grain of sand on the track and every drop of fuel burned in the engine, but the game itself showed only in movies. Emphasis in Drive Club promise to make not only simulate the vehicle, but also on the social component, club against club competitions. Something like we saw in the Test Drive Unlimited 2 .

    Deep Down

    Deep Down by Capcom, the first project on a new engine Panta Rhei. It seems that this co­operative role-playing game in the style of Dark Soul. It seems to be pretty good, but nothing sverhordinarnogo again we have not shown and told only predrenderenny clip above.

    The Withness

    Cute and unusual indie project from Jonathan Blow,'s Braid. Sony once again professes love for indie developers and encourages them to release the game for the PlayStation 4. Incidentally, among the developers for the PS4 Seen Mojang, so we are waiting for the version of Minecraft


    Drive Club

    InFAMOUS: Second Son

    The third part of another exclusive to PlayStation inFAMOUS series will be released on the PS4. Shown at the presentation of the movie is clear that in inFAMOUS: Second Son will again spetssposobnsti, opposition to the authorities and a new hero, and the action game is 7 years after inFAMOUS 2 .

    Watch Dogs

    The most impressive demonstration of the event was Sony Watch Dogs. And let the game will be released on all platforms, including Nintendo Wii U, and that it is only version of Assassin's Creed in a cyberpunk setting, Ubisoft project looks stunning - this is the case, when there is talk about the next-gen-graph. Here are just a PlayStation 4 here is not to blame.


    Announced a few days ago shooter Destiny will be released on the PlayStation 4. We have already talked about a new project from the creators of Halo, so it redirects you to the material.


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