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Don't let it fool you THIS MONTH, I participated in several pitched battles with storage devices, and unfortunately came out the loser in all of them due to one fundamental principle of PC troubleshooting: You can - not "fix" faulty hardware, period. It's a massive waste of time to try to configure or tweak your way around a broken component. As power users, we always want to believe an easy fix is right around the corner, but sometimes it just isn't. A classic example is a dead Internet connection. We'll fiddle with Windows forever. try Combo-Fix, release/renew, reboot the router, and waste hours of time before trying a different router. Been there, done that. This month, it was a hard drive that came out of the box dead and identified itself as the biggest hard drive in the world [see image on right). I swapped SATA cables, tried a USB enclo - sure, but it was dead. Jim. The lesson is simple: Don't rule out faulty hardware in your troubleshooting flowchart. DOÂ Hardware


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