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Displaying the Keyboard WINDOWS 8



If you like the onscreen keyboard or have to use this featurebecause you’re using a tablet Windows 8 device with no physicalkeyboard, you’ll appreciate the Keyboard settings. In theSettings charm panel you can click Keyboard to view thecurrently selected language for the keyboard and display thekeyboard and handwriting panel. The handwriting panel allowsyou to enter text by “writing” with your mouse or finger if youhave a touchscreen computer.


Display the Keyboard andHandwriting Panel1 Press Windows logo key+C.2 Click Settings.3 Click Keyboard.4 Click Touch Keyboard And HandwritingPanel.5 Click to choose the keyboard format.6 Click Handwriting Panel.7 Click and draw a word or shape onthe screen.


Displaying the Keyboard WINDOWS 8


Use the keyboard format setting to displaya split screen. This style of screen makes iteasier to type on a smaller device such as aWindows 8 tablet, where you might use bothyour thumbs to hit keys on different edges ofthe screen.


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