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Displaying Information About a Location WINDOWS 8



One of the wonderful features of the Maps app is the way it

can tie into the Internet to provide details about a location,

such as the hours and payment options for a restaurant or

customer ratings for a hotel. You can even go to a website of a

business by clicking a button in the Maps app.


Display Location Information

1 With a location showing on a map,

click the Information button.

2 Click the Directions button to view

directions to the location or click the

Website button to go to a related



Displaying Information About a Location WINDOWS 8


3 Move your mouse to the upper-left

corner of the screen, and click the

Maps app in the Recent Sites area to

return to the app.


To allow apps like Maps to pinpoint your

location, open the PC Settings screen,

click Privacy, and then click the On/Off

slider for Let Apps Use My Location.


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