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Displaying Calendar Views WINDOWS 8



Sometimes it’s helpful to get different perspectives on your

schedule. That’s why the Calendar app offers you three views of

your events: by Day, Week, or Month. From any view, you can

quickly return to the Day, Week, or Month view that includes

today’s date. For example, if you have scrolled six months forward

to enter dates for your summer vacation, you can quickly

return to today’s date in the current view by clicking Today.


Choose a Calendar View

1 On the Start screen, click the Calendar



Displaying Calendar Views WINDOWS 8


2 Right-click the Calendar app.

3 Click Day, Week, or Month.

4 Click Today to return to today’s date.


Create a task and choose to save it to your

calendar or to the Birthday or Holiday calendar.

In all of the views, to help you differentiate

them, events saved to My Calendar

appear in green, events saved to the Birthday

calendar display in a dark purple, and events

saved to the Holiday calendar appear in



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