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Displaying a Picture Library WINDOWS 8



Photos and other images on your computer

are divided into libraries. You might have a

library containing the contents

of the Pictures folder on your

computer, another of Facebook

photos, and another containing

any images that you’ve

stored at a popular online

photo sharing site (Flickr, for



Open a Picture Library

1 On the Start screen, click the Photos tile.

2 To move through your libraries, click the

arrow to the right of the scroll bar.

3 Click a library to open it.

4 To scroll through the photos in the

library, click the arrow in the lower-right

corner of the screen.


Displaying a Picture Library WINDOWS 8


5 Click the arrow in the bottom-left corner

of the screen to scroll back through the


6 To enlarge a photo to full screen, click it.


When you’ve enlarged a photo to full screen,

arrows appear in the middle of the right and left

screens; use these to move back to the previous

image or forward to the next image in the



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