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Diablo III

    Diablo III download

    The biggest surprise presentation PlayStation 4 - appearance of her apologists PC gaming from Blizzard. The first game ported to consoles in the Sony signed a strategic partnership last year will be Diablo III, which will be released on the PlayStation 3 as well as on the new PlayStation 4. According to the developers, the user interface is completely sawn in a gamepad. Given that this is a strategic partnership may appear later in the PS4 and World of WarCraft, and works in progress Titan.

    Unreal 4

    PlayStation 4 will be able to run games on the Unreal 4. Given that this demo was shown on PC a while ago, and the engine Unreal scales even for tablets - this is not surprising.

    Quantic Dream Head Demo

    Quantic Dream instead of playing the old man's head on a new engine. Very realistic, but it's

    Still naked technology. And he suddenly said David Cage on the landfill and graphics that from him, always put first gameplay scenario and emotion was not expecting anyone. Cage changed his mind!

    Media Molecule Tech Demo

    On a similar path went and Media Molecule, which instead of playing shows digital technology to create virtual clay sculptures. It looks interesting, but around the technology yet to come up with the game.

    Metro: Last Light

    Diablo III download

    The list of third-party developers to do projects for PlayStation 4, we noticed and Kiev 4A Games. We got in touch with Andrei Prokhorov, and he said that the possibility of porting the Metro: Last Light on PS4 discussed with the publisher, but no details have yet to be determined. If Metro: Last Light will be released on PlayStation 4, then most likely not to start the console and with some exclusive content for the platform. In addition, a new release date of Metro: Last Light on the PC - the end of April - beginning of May. The exact number will be announced soon.

    Well. Of those shown on the PlayStation 4 games most impressed multiplatform Watch Dogs and indie The Withness. Most surprised - Diablo III. Unfortunately, no next-gen-graphics, gameplay or any findings, we have not yet seen. And the most insulting, that among the projects shown no ability to sell the platform. We hope that at E3 2013 games for PlayStation 4 will be more. Well, let's see what is playing aces up his sleeve at Microsoft.


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