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Destiny - a new game from the creators of Halo

    Destiny - a new game from the creators of Halo

    As you know, Bungie, in recent years, known only by a serial sverhuspeshnyh Halo, a while ago broke up with Microsoft and signed a long term contract with Activision Blizzard. All rights to the Halo while still at Microsoft, Bungie and had to start from scratch - or rather, to create a new IP. Rights to which, incidentally, is now owned by Bungie - the second time on the old rake company obviously does not want to attack. For a long time about the new project Bungie had only vague rumors, until recently not had the first official information about Destiny - that way they will be called the next game.

    The distant future, mankind has successfully invaded Mars, Venus, made it to the rings of Saturn and the moons of Jupiter, but the golden age of the most interesting place suddenly interrupts a cataclysm, after which the whole of human civilization is only one city that is protected from total destruction "knights" traveling through the solar system and fighting various alien vermin. As you can guess, we'll play it for these knights, and Bungie promises the most unexpected plot twists and says that you can expect anything.

    Destiny - a new game from the creators of Halo

    Speaking at a press conference Bungie gameplay is not being shown, so you can judge it only from stories developer. So, Destiny is not a traditional shooter, as it is understood today - it will be a place and the single-player campaign and co-op, and promised and open world (so-called "sandbox"), and permanent universe, and maintaining progress Player (produced of weapons,

    Equipment, transportation, and even space ships), which is common for single-user and multi­user mode. Developer himself calls his genre of share-world shooter - what it looks like in practice, while not really clear, but I want to believe that as well.

    Yes, Bungie separately emphasizes that Destiny - it's not Halo, and players will not have to once again win back all of the same Master Chifa, only in a new wrapper. Judging by the artam and first video, this is still not the case - the creators of Halo hand felt quite strongly at times, but overall it is clear that Bungie is trying to create a sci-fi shooter, as unlike their previous project (given that the Halo series has been essentially reboot Microsoft, and Destiny obviously have to compete with him in the future, this is the right decision.) No exact release date, or even the names of the platforms on which it will be released, has not yet announced - we only know that it will not be exclusive to Microsoft or Sony. Given that the planned life of Destiny is neither more nor less than 10 years, we can confidently predict its access to next-generation consoles, but see if Destiny on current PS3 and Xbox360 - yet say.


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