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Deleting Files and Folders WINDOWS 8



An important part of managing files on your computer is to

know when to get rid of files that you no longer need. Deleting

unneeded files gets rid of clutter and makes it easier to find

what you want as well as frees up hard-disk space. It’s a good

idea to back up files before deleting (see the preceding task).

However, if you delete a file and then decide you need it back,

you do have a window of time in which you can retrieve it from

the Recycle Bin. (That window is determined by how much

content the Recycle Bin can hold; when it fills up, older files are

deleted.) This section provides the procedures both for deleting

files and for retrieving files.


Delete Files

1 In File Explorer, locate the file or

folder you want to delete.

2 Click the item to select it.

3 On the Home tab, click the Delete



Deleting Files and Folders WINDOWS 8


If you click the Cut button instead of the

Delete button, the file is moved to the

Windows Clipboard. You can go to another

folder in File Explorer and use the Paste button

to paste the file into that location. If you

don’t paste the file anywhere, it will eventually

disappear from the Clipboard, and you

can’t get it back.


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