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Cutting and Copying to Windows Clipboard WINDOWS 8


To help you place a copy or to move a piece of text or an

object such as a picture to another location, Windows provides

a feature called the Clipboard. This is a holding area for text

and objects that you cut (remove) or copy from a document.

An item stays on the Clipboard for a time until you find a new

location in the document or in another document where you

want to paste it. If you cut or copy several items, the oldest

item will eventually be permanently deleted.


Use Windows Clipboard

1 With WordPad open and text

entered, select some text.

2 Right-click and select Cut or Copy on

the options panel.

3 Click File, New.


Cutting and Copying to Windows Clipboard WINDOWS 8


4 In the new document, click the location

where you want the text to


5 Right-click, and click Paste on the

context menu.


To copy an object such as a picture,

select it by clicking on it; handles

appear around its edges. Follow the

same procedure for cutting or copying

text outlined here to move or

copy the item. After you place the

item in a document, you can make

it larger or smaller by dragging the

handles on its edges, and in some

programs, you can edit a picture in

other ways, such as cropping to a

smaller area


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