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Customizing Your User Account Settings Windows 8

After you've decided what type of account to use and applied the change if applicable, and note that a Microsoft account is preferred in most instances, you can make other changes to your user account to customize it further. The changes will be saved to your user profile. One item to change is your user account picture.

TIP From Users in PC Settings, you can choose to trust your home or work PC. When you do, sign-in information for some apps, websites, and networks syncs with your user profile.

In this exercise, you'll change the picture associated with your user account.

SET UP Start your computer and unlock the Lock screen. You need to have access to the Start screen.

1 From the Start screen, click your User name in the top-right corner.

2 Click Change account picture.

3 Click Browse.

Customizing Your User Account Settings Windows 8

Create an account picture

Customizing Your User Account Settings Windows 8

4 if you don't see the picture you want to use, click the Files down arrow; Choose Pictures And the desired folder or subfolder.

Customizing Your User Account Settings Windows 8

5 Click the image to use and select Choose image.

CLEAN UP No clean up is required.

TIP Explore other PC Settings options now. You can, for instance, make changes to the password you use to log on. You can create a PIN. This is a personal identification number, and it can be used on your computer in place of the complex password you've been using until now. (Click Users to get started.)


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