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Crysis 3: PC vs. XBox 360

    But people have wondered where just released Crysis 3 looks better on the PC or Xbox 360? And removed the corresponding video. I'm afraid the plot will not, and do not even start the video, you can immediately predict which platform won.

    Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

    Weird at first project within the Metal Gear universe finally saw the light - and it is estimated to Metacritic, was surprisingly well received by both critics and ordinary gamers. Final trailer of the game called 'Cut' - one big non-stop enthusiasm, but we are in the projects Hideo Kojima have become accustomed.

    Several years ago, Obsidian worked on role-playing game in the universe of Aliens, but three years ago, the publisher decided to cancel it. So far, this project has been little information, and then suddenly in the network leaked large (almost a quarter of an hour) movie with the then developments. On the one hand it's a pity that the game never saw the light, the other - maybe we can have another Aliens: Colonial Marines.

    A new game from Bugbear

    And the latest in today's video collection - new project teaser Bugbear (if anyone remembers, a developer Flatout). Suddenly, for the teaser (which usually do not show absolutely nothing), here we are for a full minute in detail show cars colliding, the developers emphasize the fact that it does not render, and the scenes on the engine. The game already has a website , but it is nothing but a roller and the promise of "back to basics" (ie Flatout) yet.

    Impire: Children of the Underground

    Crysis 3: PC vs. XBox 360

    Impire - this is not the most common hybrid. C on the one hand, it is about Tycoon lair of evil, and if you're familiar with the classic games of the series Dungeon Keeper from Peter Molyneux, you will learn some of the details in seconds. Times: at your disposal the demon lord. Two: he settles his lair beneath the earth.


    Genre Strategy / RPG Platform Windows Developer Cyanide Montreal Publisher Paradox Interactive Sitewww. impiregame. com


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