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Creating Tabs WINDOWS 8

Creating Tabs WINDOWS 8
Tabbed browsing is a feature of some browsers that allows you
to have several sites open at once so that you can move back
and forth among them with a click. In Internet Explorer 10, the
tab feature has been reinvented. Tabs aren’t displayed onscreen
taking up screen real estate; instead, you can display tabs by
right-clicking the screen and then click a tab to go to a site, or
add and close tabs.
Create New Tabs
1 Open Internet Explorer from the Start
2 Right-click.
3 Click the Add Tab button.
Creating Tabs WINDOWS 8
4 Click a Frequent or Favorite item, or
enter the URL of a site.
5 If necessary, click the site you want to
add from the results.
To open a link on a new tab, instead of
clicking the link, right-click it and choose
the Open Link In New Tab command


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