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Creating Folders WINDOWS 8


The library folders in Windows 8 provide a basic set of categories

for organizing files, but most people require more of a

breakdown for the files they create. For example, as you create

documents, you might decide to create subfolders in the Documents

library for each project or client with whom you work. If

you import lots of pictures into your Pictures library, you might

want to break these down into folders such as Vacation, Grandkids,

or Remodeling Project. The ability to create new folders

and to rename files and folders is one you’ll really appreciate as

time goes by.


Creating Folders WINDOWS 8


Create a New Folder

1 With File Explorer open, double-click

to open the library or folder where

you want to create a new folder.

2 Click the Home tab.

3 Click the New Folder button.

4 Enter a name for the folder and

press Enter.


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