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Creating Compressed Files WINDOWS 8



If you want to save space on your drive or take several files and

squeeze them together into a file that is smaller than the combined

file sizes so that you can send them as an email attachment,

you can compress the files. The compressed, or zipped,

files you create are perfect for archiving sets of documents or

sending content more quickly across the Internet. The easiest

way to create a compressed file is to select files already contained

in the same folder.


Create a Compressed File

1 Locate the files you want to compress

by using File Explorer.

2 Click the first file.


Creating Compressed Files WINDOWS 8


3 Press and hold Shift and then click

the last file in a sequence of adjacent

files; or press and hold Ctrl and then

click non-adjacent files, one by one.

4 Right-click the selected files, click

Send to, and then click Compressed

(Zipped) Folder.

5 Enter a name for the folder and press



You attach a compressed folder to an email just as you would

any file, by using your email program’s Attachments feature.

The person receiving the email should then follow the next

procedure to unzip the files.


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