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Copying files to or fromthe storage card HTC One V

You can copy your music, photos, and other files to the storage card.

1. Connect HTC One V to your computer using the supplied USB cable.

2. On the Choose a connection type screen, select Disk drive, and then tap Done. On your computer, the storage card is recognized as a removable disk.

3. Navigate to the removable disk and open it.

4. Do one of the following:

■ Copy the files from the computer to the storage card's root folder.

■ Copy the files from the storage card to a folder in your computer.

5. After copying the files, unmount the removable disk (that is, the connected HTC One V) as required by your computer's operating system to safely remove

HTC One V.

6. Do one of the following:

■ Disconnect HTC One V from the computer.

■ If you want to keep HTC One V connected to the computer but want it to be able to access the storage card, open the Notifications panel, tap Disk drive, select an option except Disk drive, and then tap Done.


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