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Controlling volume WINDOWS 8



Some individual desktop apps, such as Music, have their ownvolume controls. However, the Windows system volume is amaster control. For example, if you set the system volume to50 percent, app volume controls can’t make the volume anylouder than that. Setting an app volume to 80 percent wouldmean that it’s playing at 80 percent of the Windows systemvolume setting. It’s quite common to want to adjust the systemvolume or mute sound entirely, which you can do using theVolume slider.


Adjust System Volume1 Press Windows logo key+C.2 Click Settings.3 Click the Volume button.4 Click and drag the slider to raise orlower volume.


Controlling Volume WINDOWS 8


If you want to get separate control overthe volume of your system and the volumeof system sounds, such as an alert that anemail has arrived, display the Control Panel(type “Control Panel” from the Start Screen,and click the app in the search results), clickHardware And Sound, and then click Sound,Adjust System Volume. Click and drag theSystem Sounds slider up or down to adjust it.


You can mute sound on your computer by dragging the sliderto the very bottom of the Volume setting.


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