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Controlling Contrast and Screen Size WINDOWS 8



If you have difficulty seeing items on your screen, you might

want to customize some visual settings. To help those with

vision challenges, Windows provides settings for adjusting the

screen contrast and making the items displayed on your screen

bigger. Turning on High Contrast essentially turns the background

of your screen black and the text white.


Change Contrast and Adjust Screen


1 Press Windows logo key+I.

2 Click Change PC Settings.

3 Click Ease Of Access.


Controlling Contrast and Screen Size WINDOWS 8


4 Click the On/Off slider for High


5 Click the On/Off slider for Make

Everything On Your Screen Bigger


If you use a laptop computer, it’s often the case that the function keys that run

along the top of your keyboard provide a way to make your screen brighter or

dimmer. To use these keys, first tap the key labeled Fn (usually located in the

lower left of your keyboard) and, without letting go of the Fn key, press the

function key for brightness (often it shows the image of a sun).


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