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Connecting to Bluetooth Devices WINDOWS 8



Bluetooth is a technology that allows you to connect to Bluetooth-enabled devices that are within a short range of yourcomputer. For example, you might connect to a Bluetooth mouseor keyboard placed a few feet or less from your computer. Thisinvolves making sure that both devices have Bluetooth on andthat the devices are discoverable, which you can manage byapplying a simple setting.


Make Your Computer Discoverable1 On a computer with Bluetooth capability,type Control Panel on theStart screen.


Connecting to Bluetooth Devices WINDOWS 8


2 In the Search results, click ControlPanel.3 In the Search box, type Bluetooth.4 Click Change Bluetooth Settings.5 Click Allow Bluetooth Devices To FindThis Computer.6 Click OK.


When you don’t need to connect to a Bluetoothdevice, it’s a good idea to turn Bluetooth off,especially if you’re traveling around with youlaptop. Otherwise, there’s a risk that someonemight use a device like a tablet or phone to tapinto your computer’s contents or settings.


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