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Configure Visual Voicemail Options EVO Design 4G



To access the voicemail menu options:

1. From the Home screen, touch 

2. Touch 


■ Compose to compose a new voicemail message.

■ Move to SD to copy a voicemail message to the SD card.

■ Play all new to play all new messages.

■ Delete to delete selected messages from your current list of available voicemail messages.

■ Search to search through voicemail messages for keywords.

■ Settings to configure your voicemail application settings. To access a voicemail message's options:

1. From the Home screen, touch 

2. Touch a voicemail message, touch 


■ Lock/Unlock to prevent deletion of the selected voicemail message.

■ Text message to create and send a new text message to the sender's phone number.




■ Reply to reply to the voicemail. You can then reply to the sender or forward it to anyone with either an email or phone number. This allows you to send this voicemail message to several recipients at the same time.

■ Forward to forward the voicemail to another recipient.

■ Add to contacts to add the sender's phone number to your Contacts list.


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