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Closing Apps WINDOWS 8



The way by which you close apps changes with Windows 8. In

some cases, you don’t close an app, you just return to the Start

screen by pressing the Windows logo key on your keyboard

or by clicking the Start screen charm. In others, especially with

more traditional desktop applications, you click the standard

Close button. Finally, with apps such as Weather and Maps, you

can drag (or swipe if you have a touchscreen) downward to

close an app.


Close an App

1 With a desktop application open,

such as WordPad, click the Close



Closing Apps WINDOWS 8


2 With a Start screen app open, such as

Weather, click the top of the screen

and drag downward.


If you haven’t saved a document in step 1,

you might be asked to save it before you

close the application.


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