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Changing Views in File Explorer WINDOWS 8



In File Explorer, you can choose among several views to see the

items on your drive from different perspectives. For example,

you might choose to view picture files as small icons of the

pictures, or you might choose to see documents in a folder displayed

in a detailed list that includes the file names, date modified,

and size. The ability to display items in different layouts

and grouped or sorted by certain criteria makes File Explorer

an invaluable tool for navigating through the contents of your

hard disk or an external storage device.


Use View Tab Tools

1 With File Explorer open, click the

View tab.

2 Click the Details Pane button to display

details about a selected item.

3 Click the Sort By button to display a

menu of sort options.

4 Click a sorting option in the list.

5 Click the Group By button to display

a menu of options for grouping



Changing Views in File Explorer WINDOWS 8


6 Click an item on the list to group


7 Select a check box in the Show/Hide

tools section to display file name

extensions or show hidden items.


To hide an item such as a file or folder in File Explorer, click to

select it, and then on the View tab, use the Hide Selected Items

button to hide it from view. Select the Hidden Items check box

to then display hidden files again.



Changing Views in File Explorer WINDOWS 8


The Manage tab becomes available on the

ribbon when you select certain items in File

Explorer such as a picture or a library. You

can use the tools on the Manage tab for

functions specific to the type of content.

For example, if you’ve selected a picture file,

you can run a slide show of all pictures or

rotate the picture right or left.


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