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Changing the Time and Date WINDOWS 8



Your computer uses the time zone you specify in Windows todisplay clocks on the Windows Desktop taskbar, set calendarapplications to the correct date, run scheduled maintenancetasks, and so on. The time zone you select automatically setsthe correct date and time, even taking into account areas thatdon’t use daylight savings time. If your location doesn’t usedaylight savings time, you can use a setting to turn off automaticadjustments.You probably set up your time zone when you first set upWindows 8. However, today’s computers often don’t stay onthe desktop: laptops go on the road with business people andvacationers, desktop computers go to different time zoneswhen the family moves across the country, and so on. It’s handyto know how to change the time zone.


Change the Time Zone1 Press Windows logo key+C.2 Click Settings.3 Click the Change PC Settings link.4 Click General.5 Click the Time Zone field to display alist of options.6 Click an option to select it.


Changing the time and date WINDOWS 8


You can use settings on the Control Panel tomanually set the time and date rather than havingthem automatically set based on your timezone. If you’re traveling and not sure what timezone you’re in, but you happen to know the timeand date, the manual option could be useful.


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