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Can a common man to earn a gold? 5 ways the pros and cons

Investing in gold is traditionally considered one of the most reliable. Now the price is going up - can make money on it?Method one. Buy dimensional bullion bankOwn gold is nice, but not very effective. Banks is credited with the sale of bullion to their price value added tax in the form of 18%, while the reverse is buying the money is not returned. Moreover, if the bar is kept outside the special storage bank, for it has to charge a monthly fee. Otherwise, if a bank sale back off you can take the sum of up to 10% of the value of gold - for the examination for authenticity. It turns out that you get at least some revenue for the year gold should grow by no less than 25-30%.Method Two. Buy gold coins weighing Central BankBullion coins produced on an ongoing basis, central banks of different countries of the world. The price of these coins only by a small amount different from the current value of the underlying asset - gold. The most popular and common coins of this type include the American Eagles, Australian "kangaroo" and "cocks", Canadian maple leaves, and Russian rubles. But as a way of making a profit, they are also not very profitable. Coins though implemented easily, however, as a rule, are bought by banks at the rate significantly below the rate of the initial sale. For income have a long time to wait.The third way. Open "depersonalized metal account" (OMC) in the bankImpersonal it is called because it is only recorded program precious metal, not specific numbers bullion value rubles or dollars. It is not necessary to pay VAT. Banking services are about the same: they take into account the amount of gold paid by the client based on its current value in the world market and selling rate of the Central Bank (which usually is not much different from the world.) When you close the account, the bank pays the customer the price of gold at the current price. That is the amount of money in an account varies depending on the value of the metal in the market. To make real money on such input, you need to be aware of what is happening in the global economy. It is best to constantly monitor the prices, additional purchasing gold at falling prices and a profit at a pinch.Also, sometimes on account of duration from 1 to 12 months, banks charge interest in grams of gold, usually in the range of 1-5% per annum, depending on the term. When opening and closing OMC banks charge a commission of up to 1% of the value of gold, and the income tax of 13%, you pay only a percent (at the time of enrollment), but not with changes in the market value of gold. So that it is more profitable than the first two options.Attachment in rare coinsOdnountsevaya gold coin (troy ounce corresponds to 31.1 grams of gold), representing numismatic interest, can cost thousands of dollars, despite the fact that the gold in it for exactly $ 1,128.78 (as of 16.11.2009). However, in this case, it is primarily about hybrid coins, which combine the properties of both weight and numismatic coins. An example in the history of the coin can be Saint-Gaudens (the name of the artist who created their model), which in 1907-1933 gg. minted in the United States, and in 1933, when President Franklin Roosevelt removed the "gold standard", have been completely removed from circulation. The cost of these coins in one day can increase dramatically. However, a necessary condition for the acquisition of these coins should be the appropriate certificate as one of two specialized agencies in this area. Coins can be purchased through special dealers and auction company through E-bay.Way to the fifth (professional). Investments in exchange traded funds or ETF (exchange-traded funds)"Golden Fund" grant the investor the right of direct participation in trading gold without having to physically buy. Each share of the funds provided by one tenth of an ounce, the entire amount of the fund is in a special vault of the bank-trustee. ETF shares are moving in line with world prices for the precious metal. The risk of default or fraud, thus reduced to zero. Shares of gold ETF funds traded on the major exchanges. The first gold ETF was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 2003.In tradable instruments overseas gold market, you can invest as intermediaries, professionals and self - through Internet trading system.With the use of information "Finance" magazine.


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