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Buying Apps at the Windows Store WINDOWS 8



The Windows Store is a collection of free and paid apps that

open up a world of computing activities. If you want to

dabble in painting on your computer, you might buy an inexpensive

app instead of more robust design software. Need an app

to help you find your way around Italy on your next vacation?

There’s an app for that. And if you love games, you’ll love all the

game apps in the Windows Store.

In this section, you discover how to find the app you need,

either by using the integrated search feature of Windows 8 or by

browsing different categories in the Windows Store itself. After

you know how to find the apps you want, you can download free

apps and buy paid apps. You can also discover how to find app

reviews to make sure you’re getting the best app for you, and to

add your own app ratings and reviews to help others find their


Get ready to explore apps, a whole new dynamic for acquiring

functionality for your Windows-based computing device


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