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Backing Up Data WINDOWS 8



Now and then, it’s a good idea to back upthe files in your computer so that you don’tlose anything important. You can use thebackup feature in Windows 8 to copy filesfrom libraries, the desktop, your contacts,and your favorites to a specified location,typically an external hard disk. File History isa new backup feature in Windows 8. Essentially,when Windows detects that a changehas been made to a file, it will create a newbackup of that file. This is a nice safety net,but it doesn’t take the place of backing upyour files periodically.


Back Up Your Data


Backing Up Data WINDOWS 8


1 Connect an external storage device toyour computer.2 On the Start screen, begin to typeControl Panel.3 Click the Control Panel app in theresults.4 Click System And Security.5 Click Save Backup Copies Of Your FilesWith File History on the next screen.6 If necessary, click Turn On to turn FileHistory on.7 When the process is complete, clickthe Close button


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