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People should be paying for them, but aren't Thanks to the helpful tracking capabilities of The Pirate Bay a site that's ascended from the shadowy underground of illegal software, music, and movie downloads and entered the public vernacular it's easy to figure out which apps find a home on the Internet's "most-pirated" list. Of course, we're only looking at individual BitTorrent links, not a combined count of just how many iterations of "Windows 8" are littered across the site. Go figure, many of the links compromis - ing TPB's most-downloaded list arc Adobe products. If you've been following our roundup at all, it's easy to see why: They of - fer compelling functionality that's difficult to find as a total package elsewhere, but they're extremely expensive for your aver - age person to pick up. WinRAR to fulfill the ongoing Red - dit joke that nobody, ever, ever pays for a copy of this app also graces the top of The Pirates Bay's charts, a curious inclusion given that rival program 7zip offers similar functionality and speeds for a cost of abso - lutely nothing. Avast Antivirus is another such oddity, since one can also pick up free, real-time an - tiviral scanning through Microsoft Security Essentials. And MSE which is built right into Windows 8 as part of Windows Defender - is a great complement for Windows XP, the most popular operating system to grace The Pirate Bay's top-downloads list. APPS


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