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Antichamber: Escher maze

    Antichamber: Escher maze

    Oscar Rutersvarda, creator of the famous Impossible Triangle, who later became known as the Penrose triangle, interested physically impossible figures by themselves, as a mathematical abstraction and art - for his life, he painted about 2500 of these strange objects. Maurits Escher, was under the influence of the Penrose triangle to draw his famous "Waterfall", you can not use figures, the non-Euclidean geometry, and other mathematical paradoxes for understanding the concepts of logic and metamorphosis of the living and the nonliving. Australian game designer Alexander Bruce, the project's creator Antichamber, Escher uses the experience, non-Euclidean space and the Unreal engine to break down the psychological barriers and limitations of the players and show us what could be the real non-linear game in a nonlinear world.


    Genre adventure / puzzle Platform Windows Developer Alexander Bruce Publisher Demruth Siteantichamber - game. com

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